The Guildford Arms Salmon Fishcakes

Our fishcakes at the pub are made from Scottish salmon that has been marinaded first with thyme, bay, garlic & shallots. It is baked in foil, which keeps it moist, until just cooked, and then left to cool under the foil.

For the mash we bake the potatoes in their skins until soft & fluffy then we scoop out the insides, pushing them through a potato ricer. For every 1kg of cooked salmon we use 700g of mash. Before adding the salmon we season the potato with salt and pepper, adding freshly grated horseradish, chopped chives and parsley.

Salmon Fishcakes

To complete the fishcake mix we break the salmon into fairly large pieces and beat half into the potatoes. We then gently fold in the rest of the salmon, keeping some large chunks, to give the cake a more interesting texture.

The next step is to shape the fishcakes. We then dust with flour and dip them into a mixture of beaten egg and milk. The final stage before cooking is to coat with breadcrumbs. We use Japanese bread crumbs as they give a lot more crunch than your average crumb.

To cook, we deep fry until golden, then immediately remove and blot with absorbent paper to achieve a dry and crispy crust. We serve our fishcakes with a zingy tartare sauce and some hand cut chips.


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