Rotolo di Pizza Ripieno

Rotolo di Pizza Ripieno is essentially rolled and stuffed pizza. The filling can be whatever takes your fancy, although I would avoid using buffalo mozzarella, which is very wet and may make the dough soggy. Instead use a firmer cow’s mozzarella or a smoked provolone. In my recipe I have used cow’s mozzarella with roasted red peppers, roasted red onions, spinach and basil. Just before … Continue reading Rotolo di Pizza Ripieno

Deptford Sourdough Starter

For the starter: 150g organic stoneground wholemeal flour 150g lukewarm water Mix & tip into kilner jar. Leave for 2 days in a warm room. Bubbles should have starter to appear and it should have risen slightly. Discard about 3/4 of the starter keeping about 50g. Feed your starter by mixing in 100g of tepid water and then 100g of organic stoneground wholemeal flour. Repeat this process … Continue reading Deptford Sourdough Starter