Cured Salmon, Dill, Blood Orange, Marinated & Roasted Beetroot, Coriander Shoots, Radish

The first of our new dishes for January at The Guildford Arms Restaurant is a starter of cured Scottish salmon served with a fresh and vibrant salad and toasted walnut bread.

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The salmon is cured for 24 hours in a mix of salt and sugar, and flavoured with orange, star anise & fennel seeds. It is then rinsed in cold water, dried and sprinkled with mustard powder and lots of chopped fresh dill.

The salad is made from segments of blood orange, frisee, lambs lettuce, radish, roasted beetroot and marinated raw beetroot. We marinate the beetroot by cutting it into thin discs, then leaving it overnight in a pickling liquid consisting of white wine vinegar, sugar, olive oil & thyme.

The dressing for the dish is made by putting all the off-cuts of beetroot in a sauce pan, covering with cold water, bringing to the boil, and then reducing it till only a small amount of concentrated beetroot water remains. This is passed through a sieve and emulsified with olive oil. A touch of sherry vinegar is added before the seasoning is adjusted.

For our walnut bread we use half white flour and half granary flour. This ensures the bread is not to heavy but still has the characteristic grainy texture of a good walnut bread. To enhance the flavour we pre-roast the walnuts before chopping them up and adding them to the dough.


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