Braised Red Cabbage with Toasted Cumin, Coriander & Fennel

This is a wonderfully savoury side dish that works perfectly with roast lamb. The slight tang of vinegar also helps it to cut thorough fatty meats such as pork belly. It is quite a simple dish to prepare, the biggest task being the cutting of the cabbage itself.

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1 red cabbage
1 red onion
1 sprig thyme
2 bay leaf
2 star anise
2 cups soft brown sugar
2 cups of red wine
2 teaspoons each of fennel, cumin & coriander seeds

  • Peel and slice a red onion and soften, in a little olive oil, over a low heat.
  • Remove the tougher outer leaves from the cabbage and cut into quarters.
  • Cut out the core and slice thinly.
  • Add to the pan with a bouquet garni of fresh thyme, star anise & bay leaf.
  • Add the brown sugar & the of red wine vinegar and cook gently until soft (approximately 2 hours). Give it a stir every now & then to ensure it doesn’t catch and burn on the bottom.
  • Dry fry the spices for a few minutes, keeping them moving so they don’t burn.
  • Once the cabbage is done, remove the bouquet garni, stir in the spices, and serve.

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