Slow Cooked Lamb Shank with Rosemary, Anise & Tomato

This is a simple and delicious way to cook lamb shank (serves 4).

The first step is to brown the meat. Heat a thin layer of sunflower oil in a large casserole pot. Season 4 shanks and carefully place into the pot. Brown on all sides, remove the shanks and drain off the oil. Turn the heat to low and return the shanks to the pot and the pot to the heat. Add 4 whole (peeled) shallots, 1 chopped leek, 2 (peeled) diced carrots, a slug of balsamic vinegar and a tin of chopped tomatoes. Add 250ml of chicken stock. Add 2 star anise and 2 pinches of chopped fresh rosemary and bring to a simmer.

Cover with a tight fitting lid and place the pot in a pre-heated (150C) oven . Cook for 2 hours. Serve with the sauce and vegetables from the pot and some creamy mash potato.

Lamb Shank

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