Roast Salt Marsh Lamb Chump with Moussaka, Duck Fat Galette Potato, Black Olive Jus

Roast Salt Marsh Lamb Chump

This dish has been my favourite so far at my restaurant above the Guildford Arms pub. The salt marsh lamb is boned and trimmed to give 2 lovely chumps, ready for roasting. These are then marinated with garlic and rosemary. The off-cuts are minced to make an intense tomato & marjoram infused moussaka; topped with a cheesy bechamel sauce and bread crumbs it’s finished under the grill to give a crisp topping.

To make the sauce the bones are roasted and then boiled for 6 hours with veal bones, carrots, leeks, celeriac and onion to give a rich lamby stock. This in turn is passed and then boiled until reduced by half. To complete the sauce we reduce a bottle of red wine (with shallots and rosemary) to a syrup, add the stock and reduce again to a nice sauce consistency. To finish we add some chopped black olives.

The galette potato is made by baking the potatoes until soft. We then peel whilst still hot and grate. The grated potato is seasoned, formed into a cake shape and then cooked in duck fat until golden on both sides. Some buttered winter greens complete the dish.


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