Hereford Beef Fillet with Galette Potato, Baby Carrots & Red Wine Jus

We had a busy night at Guy Awford at The Guildford last Friday. Roquefort Souffle with Poached Nectarine, Roasted Hazelnuts and Sherry Vinaigrette was the most popular starter, whilst Roasted Hereford Beef Fillet with Galette Potato, Roast Baby Carrots & Red Wine Jus was the most popular main course.

Hereford Beef Fillet

This dish relies on the quality of the meat. I cut large steaks from the centre of the fillet, season generously, and then seal in hot oil until nicely coloured. I add a large knob of butter to the pan, 3 pre-blanched baby carrots and complete the cooking in an oven pre-heated to 200C.

For the galette potato I peel and slice (very thin) a couple of large red potatoes, and rub in enough melted duck fat to coat, adding chopped thyme, salt & pepper. I lay the potato discs, overlapping, on a greased tray to make a neat circle (about 5 layers thick), and place in a hot oven until cooked. The base should be crispy and golden brown, and a knife should pass without resistance through all the layers.

I make my red wine jus by reducing red wine and (a little) balsamic vinegar with shallots & thyme until it reaches a glaze. I then add equal amounts of chicken and veal stock and reduce again to a sauce consistency.


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