Rough Puff Pastry

Making real puff pastry is quite an ordeal, so it’s no surprise that most restaurants buy in pre-made, ready to roll sheets. My recipe for a rough puff pastry is, however, a lot easier to perfect. It won’t reach the dizzy heights of puffiness that traditionally made puff pastry will, but it comes pretty close.

Rough Puff Pastry

  • 500g Cold butter – grated
  • 500g Plain flour – sifted
  • 2 pinches Salt
  • 250ml Ice cold water

The first step is to rub the butter into the flour. Sift the flour, add the salt, and using your fingertips rub in the grated butter until it reached a coarse, sandy texture. There should still be small lumps of butter visible.

Rubbing in the butter

Add the water and pull together to form a sticky dough.

Pastry dough

Push the dough into a rectangle.

Ready to roll out

Lightly flour and roll it out until it is 1cm thick.

Rolled Pastry

Dust off the surface flour, fold it into 3 and give a half turn so that the seem is facing you.

Folded pastry
Folded Pastry

Roll out again to 1cm thick. Dust off the surface flour, fold into 3, turn the seam to face you. Reheat this 2 more times. Chill the pastry for 15 minutes then roll out and fold 3 more times.

Finally chill the pastry for a half an hour. Your rough puff pastry is now ready to use.


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