Bouquet Garni

It may sound fancy and French but there is nothing complicated about a bouquet garni. Think of it like a tea bag. Simply pop it into the liquid, allow time for the flavour to infuse, then take it out; no cinnamon bark floating in the stew, no lemon peel in the sauce, no herb stalks in the soup.

Spiced Bouquet Garni

A classic bouquet garni consists of bay leaf, thyme and rosemary; strong herbs that will enhance most savoury dishes. There is, however, no reason to stop there. You could add an orange and cinnamon bouquet garni to a Moroccan tagine, a lemon grass and ginger bouquet garni to a Malaysian curry, or a juniper, clove and star anise bouquet garni to a venison casserole.

Place the herbs in the centre of the muslin

To make a bouquet garni cut a square of muslin cloth. Place the herbs or spices in the centre. Wrap and tie up in a tight bundle.Drop the bouquet garni into the cooking pot and simmer to infuse the wonderful flavours. Simple, isn’t it.

Bouquet garni

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