“Drings” Sausage & Mash

It’s sausage & mash time at The Guildford Arms. Rich, filling and easy to prepare it’s proper winter grub. There are 4 rules to this dish, pay attention to them, and you won’t go far wrong.

  1. Buy a good quality sausage.
  2. Use lots of butter in the mash.
  3. Season the mash well.
  4. Get plenty of colour on the onions.

We buy our sausages from Drings butchers in Greenwich. It’s an artisan butchers and one of the best in London. Their sausages are fantastic – they hold their shape well, don’t shrink and they taste delicious. I cook my sausages gently and fairly slowly. First in a pan and then, if it’s on, in the oven. If it’s not on I just put a lid over the pan and continue the cooking on the hob. Don’t be tempted to blast them over a high heat – they will burst. And don’t prick them – that’s madness!

Proper Sausages


For a decadent mash, boil  floury potatoes until completely cooked. A skewer through the centre should meet no resistance. Drain thoroughly and place in a potato ricer (an essential investment if you love mash) and push it through the finest mesh. Beat in butter and a little milk/cream if you like it loose. Season with salt and white pepper. A word of warning – if the potatoes are at all under cooked the mash will be lumpy or glutinous, and possibly both.

For the sauce, sweat the onions slowly until they reach a deep brown. Add a splash of red wine and enough chicken stock to cover the onions. Boil to thicken slightly, adding a sprig of thyme, if you have one to hand, to lift the flavour. Lovers of Worcestershire sauce should splash it in now – I won’t if you don’t mind.

"Drings" Sausage & Mash

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